New in 2018:  Additional resources from local experts for youth and adult distance runners and track and field athletes





Dynamic Performance and Therapy is a Physical Therapy practice based in La Crosse. We believe in empowering individuals to maintain a healthier lifestyle by moving better. We are passionate about preventing chronic pain and injury rather than waiting for them to happen. With a speciality in running, our Grand Bluff Running location in partnership with Trail Transformation will be going beyond traditional physical therapy to offer strength training, mobility, and injury risk reduction classes to aid in the prevention of a injury that forces you off the track. Our goal is to share our expertise and knowledge to help you gain a better understanding of your own body and to teach you how to improve or maintain your current health.  We offer an alternative approach with optimum results.

Trail Transformation began as an online coaching service that provides a solid training framework to allow for optimal training to help runners of all levels reach their goals. Training plans are tailored to each runners individual needs, and is designed to aid in minimizing risk of injury. In conjunction with Dynamic Performance and Therapy at La Crosses's running specialty location, Grand Bluff Running, we go beyond online training to also bring in-person strength training, mobility, and injury risk reduction classes to the La Crosse community. We aim to help all levels of runners looking to optimize their training.